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ChatWith | Services and Sales via WhatsApp

Chatwith is a simple and fast communication tool with which customers can be in contact with the company.
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Communication via WhatsApp

Chatwith is a free and easy-to-use online chat platform that allows you to instantly connect with potential customers, or start your own group conversations with anyone from around the world. It comes with innovative features like group messaging, voice and video calls, file sharing, custom profile settings, and much more. With Chatwith, you can access all these features from any device, be it a smartphone, laptop or tablet. Without a doubt, it is the fastest and easiest communication channel to be able to carry out sales or customer service efforts.
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Services when using Chatwith

Chatwith allows the perfect management of clients with an inbox for the management of clients with a lot of traffic.
Allows you to automate outgoing messages for better time management.
It offers traffic analysis panels for subsequent decision-making based on the results.
Chatwith allows external data integrations (Hubspot, Zoho, Wix, PrestaShop etc..) and make payments with platforms such as Stripe or Paypal.
Chatwith also offers custom widgets for websites or social media profiles with unlimited agents.

Boost your business with Millennials Consulting and Chatwith

Integrate, a live chat platform, with a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) offers several advantages for companies. Improved customer service: By integrating live chat with a CRM, access to customer information is facilitated during real-time conversations. Agents can view relevant customer data such as purchase history, past inquiries, preferences, and more. This allows us to offer personalized attention and resolve queries more quickly and efficiently.
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Why do you need this Solution?

Integrate and automate

Through integration with Zoho CRM You will have all your leads organized and classified automatically.

Analyze your customers

Study how you get your leads and execute much more professional targeted marketing campaigns.

Improve conversion

Improve conversion by offering a more direct and personalized communication to your customers.

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9. October, 2023.
Julián has given us great help to understand the positioning SEO that we have to work through the digital Kit, the entire team is serious and responsible, highly recommended.
Sebas Baldo
Sebas Baldo
1. October, 2023.
A pleasure to work with Irene on the books project with the collaboration of Javi in ​​IT and Alejandro for publishing the website with our server. We will continue working with them from Alicante,,🥰🥰
ASIMA Association of Industrialists of Mallorca
ASIMA Association of Industrialists of Mallorca
25. September, 2023.
After obtaining the digital kit, we did not hesitate to work with this company with which we have been working for years. Specifically, we have been very happy and congratulations for the work done by Eliana Pérez in the Zoho Social part. Thank you.
CRT Architecture
CRT Architecture
19. September, 2023.
They recommended this company to me, when I got the digital kit. The service has been fast, simple and very effective. Eliana analyzed my type of company and the values ​​of my architecture studio, to show it in the best way in social networks and advertising. A great job.
Javier Panizo
Javier Panizo
7. July, 2023.
Professionals, those who give you confidence when they speak because you can tell they know what they are talking about. And on top of that, facilitating at all times the development of the project in terms of logistics (schedules and days of meetings, etc...) The icing on the cake: on top of that, they do it with a smile. Thanks for everything!
Oscar Rojas
Oscar Rojas
5. July, 2023.
A good Partner Millennials and in the face of difficulties they have provided an agile and effective solution, specifically with Natalia she has been an excellent support and with an efficient vision of the project.
English Today SL
English Today SL
3. July, 2023.
We are very happy with the result. It is true that since we made the agreement and signed, a few months of waiting have passed, but once the project started it has been very fast. It took a bit to focus on what was a priority for us, but after a few meetings everything went well. Good experience and we will continue working with them.
Sergio Jimenez Rodriguez
Sergio Jimenez Rodriguez
22. June, 2023.
Totally recommended

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Why use

ChatWith takes advantage of the capabilities of WhatsApp and its fully extended use to use it as sales channel and generate business for companies.

ChatWith was founded in 2020 and with financing from the best funds in Europe, ChatWith helps SMEs, micro-businesses and freelancers around the world improve relationships with their customers and sell more via WhatsApp.

With ChatWith you can:

  • Secure your reservations and sales sending a simple and fast payment link to close sales safely
  • Generate more citations, organize meetings and commercial visits thanks to the creation of previous appointments with WhatsApp
  • Create a strategy and campaigns through landing pages with forms to attract customers and manage the campaign through WhatsApp.
  • More conversion connecting WhatsApp with Instagram and Facebook.
  • Create business surveys via WhatsApp
  • Create payment gateways and connect them with WhatsApp

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