Zoho CRM in Spanish - How Does It Help Generate SALES?

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What is Zoho CRM?

Zoho CRM It is a management software that allows you to obtain the data of your clients and your employees in order to be more productive and sell more in your company. This program is suitable for both small and medium and large companies. Only those companies that best adapt to technological changes will be the ones that will win the game.

It is a tool to manage different tasks in the cloud, you can manage and automate different processes of your company that will save money and time. 

 More and more companies are joining the automation bandwagon, as you will see in the following image, businesses that are automating your business they grow exponentially.

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How do you improve a CRM your business?

If you are still not sure Zoho CRM it is for you and for your company try to answer any of these questions successfully.

  • What % of potential clients do we convert into clients?
  • What actions did we take to increase the % of customers?
  •  How effective were the changes we made?
  • How many opportunities are there to sell?
  • Can you sell more without hiring more employees?
  • Who is my best seller in this territory?
  • How many leads converted this month?
  • Did we lose customers?
  • Are we efficient?

As you can see despite knowing your business very well It is very difficult to answer any of these questions with a solution since there is no data to verify the accuracy and give a good answer.

specialized experts

Are you interested in Zoho? CRM? We have a specialized expert team that will help you in your projects.

Zoho Rates CRM

Sign up for Zoho CRM free 30 days

Do you want to know all the Zoho features CRM without making any initial investment? We offer you a free and fully functional trial for 30 days. In this way you can determine if it is what your company needs. At the same time, our professionals will advise you on the different modules and configurations that best suit your business:

  • accounting
  • Traceability
  • Customer Management
  • Marketing campaings
  • Stock control
  • Creation of work teams.
  • Etc ...

These and many other functions can be easily integrated into your system. In addition, we offer you a large number of Zoho Webinars Crm where you can learn in more detail all the power of this powerful CRM. What are you waiting for? Enjoy your free trial for 30 days.

Whether you just want to use Zoho CRM during the month of tests as if you decide to continue, we offer you a personal advisor who will guide you at all times to understand in a simple way how to use this CRM.


You're thinking about implement Zoho CRM in your company? Or do you just want to know how Zoho could help you? CRM to digitize it and automate a large part of the repetitive processes of your company? Do not hesitate and contact us to hire a consultancy in which we will not only see how Zoho CRM can help you but we will also give you advice to implement it. 

Automate all the processes of your company. Organize your appointments and conferences with clients and suppliers and record the time spent.

Efficiently manage all resources and optimize documentation management time. You can find all this and much more in the different tools that this CRM offers.


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Hire your project and start working with our project managers

From Millennials Consulting, we want to guarantee a close and cordial treatment to each one of our clients. 

Therefore, from the first moment when contracting any service of Zoho CRM the most suitable project manager for each type of service will be put in charge. 

Establishing a direct, fluid and effective communication to take your company to a new level in digitization.


One of the questions that our customers ask us the most is what are the advantages of Zoho CRM compared to the rest of CRM. In this article we explain them all in detail and we offer you our webinars so you can learn how to use it easily. 

Easy to use 

The Zoho interface CRM requires almost no explanation. full software, from terminology to configuration, it is made as simple and clear as possible. So don't worry if you're brand new to the sales field or if you're not tech-savvy; We have designed our system CRM so everyone can use it. And if you want an even easier way to enter data, Zoho CRM has an application that will take care of analyzing your business cards for you.

There are no Hidden Costs.

with Zoho CRM, there are no additional surprise costs. You get what you pay for. ANDPricing is flexible: you can choose to pay monthly or annually. Once you do, you can use all the features of the software. There are no additional costs. 

Customize it

No matter how unconventional your company is, Zoho CRM it works your way: from the module names to the data you input. Everything can be customized to suit your business. You can even choose what you want to see and delete what you don't.

CRM with data reports

One of the most useful modules in Zoho is its reporting module. You can export data from CRM in any format you want or need (Excel, PDF or CSV). Additionally, you can create charts using your data from CRM. And after that, you can provide different types of specification in any of your letters. It will help you analyze and identify improvement works. It also allows us to generate rich graphs that will help us interpret these reports.



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Faster your sales cycle
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Cost savings in Marketing


En Millennialsconsulting we are PartnerZoho specialists CRM, we do integrations for different companies each with different needs.

The first step successfully implement Zoho CRM in a company is to carry out a consultancy understanding the needs of our clients. So we can design the CRM perfect for each client and make its use easier. Then we will get ready to implement it so that each piece fits in its place. And finally, the training of users so that from workers to senior managers they can use it and make the company much more competitive. It is because of that we offer a 30-minute meeting with a specialist to detect the needs of your company and release all the potential that is currently being wasted in your company.


Zoho CRM has more than 40 applications which allow you to carry out all kinds of strategies in your company from the optimization of your company's workflow, avoiding repetitive tasks, studying the factors that make the company sell more. Providing tools, which make your commercials reach more potential customers and offer a higher quality of communication.

It also has real-time stock and inventory control tools, allows you to control the company's spending, know in which parts of the business you invest more and which parts of your business are more profitable and which are not. It will also establish if there are tasks that are better to delegate or collaborate with other specialists. Anomaly detection and prediction.

Fast invoice management, analytics and metrics that will make business decision making easier and the path forward clearer.

Multi-channel communication via email, phone, chat, meeting planner online or in person. It also allows you to manage marketing campaigns, mailing, social networks. In addition to analysis of these in terms of conversions, ROI etc.

All data collected by CRM They will allow you to carry out better strategies and optimize your company to obtain maximum performance.

Add Zoho Login to your application

The word login refers to the login that an individual can do in a certain account or user. By means of a password and a name, any user can have access to their useful data that is locked up in their aforementioned account, thus having the possibility of protecting their private information. In this case, it refers to the Zoho login or login to Zoho.
Zoho is an online platform that belongs to the Indian company Zoho Corporation and that It is in charge of facilitating all the tools that a company could need to improve its productivity. You have at your disposal all kinds of applications for companies such as Zoho email, Zoho CRM One or Zoho CRM Books, in such a way that it is possible to manage the most difficult aspects of a company and at the same time take it to limits never weighed before.

How to do Zoho Login

Although it is a Software for companies, both Zoho and its Zoho applications CRM they must be used online, therefore it is totally unnecessary to download any type of program that makes you keep Zoho inside your computer. As long as you have an internet connection, you can access as many times as you want to CRM Zoho and thus manage the most delicate aspects of your company.
Being the above said in this way, to be able to register in Zohoo to do Zoho Login, you only need to go to the official website Zoho. Once there, you will have to click on the button that says “register for free”, so that you can inspect for the first time everything that this tool can do for you without investing anything at all.
Follow the steps that the same platform indicates and you will have created your user in Zoho, so that you can start entering your company's data and act as an administrator for the other Zoho users that work within the aforementioned organization. Simple, don't you think?


Start optimizing and growing your business today!


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9. October, 2023.
Julián has given us great help to understand the positioning SEO that we have to work through the digital Kit, the entire team is serious and responsible, highly recommended.
Sebas Baldo
Sebas Baldo
1. October, 2023.
A pleasure to work with Irene on the books project with the collaboration of Javi in ​​IT and Alejandro for publishing the website with our server. We will continue working with them from Alicante,,🥰🥰
ASIMA Association of Industrialists of Mallorca
ASIMA Association of Industrialists of Mallorca
25. September, 2023.
After obtaining the digital kit, we did not hesitate to work with this company with which we have been working for years. Specifically, we have been very happy and congratulations for the work done by Eliana Pérez in the Zoho Social part. Thank you.
CRT Architecture
CRT Architecture
19. September, 2023.
They recommended this company to me, when I got the digital kit. The service has been fast, simple and very effective. Eliana analyzed my type of company and the values ​​of my architecture studio, to show it in the best way in social networks and advertising. A great job.
Javier Panizo
Javier Panizo
7. July, 2023.
Professionals, those who give you confidence when they speak because you can tell they know what they are talking about. And on top of that, facilitating at all times the development of the project in terms of logistics (schedules and days of meetings, etc...) The icing on the cake: on top of that, they do it with a smile. Thanks for everything!
Oscar Rojas
Oscar Rojas
5. July, 2023.
A good Partner Millennials and in the face of difficulties they have provided an agile and effective solution, specifically with Natalia she has been an excellent support and with an efficient vision of the project.
English Today SL
English Today SL
3. July, 2023.
We are very happy with the result. It is true that since we made the agreement and signed, a few months of waiting have passed, but once the project started it has been very fast. It took a bit to focus on what was a priority for us, but after a few meetings everything went well. Good experience and we will continue working with them.
Sergio Jimenez Rodriguez
Sergio Jimenez Rodriguez
22. June, 2023.
Totally recommended

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