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How can companies benefit?

 In a nutshell, this app helps you manage and track incoming and outgoing calls in a very efficient and smart way, ultimately increasing productivity when talking to prospects (or reporting to co-workers), which it allows you to focus more on closing deals and spend less. reporting time.  

What this app allows you to do:

  • Record and transcribe calls - Unlimited voluntary recording and speech-to-text transcription in accordance with GDPR regulations  
  • Label and dial calls - Use keywords to tag important calls and clearly organize your call data, plus find and revisit important calls with a single flag
  • take notes - Convert your speech directly to text for on-the-go convenience 
  • Share calls and notes - Create groups and share your call details and notes with your colleagues to bring collaboration to your call activity
  • Search across all your call data - Effortlessly search all your calls, contacts, notes and reminders across all devices
  • Synchronize call data with your CRM - Real-time sync with industry leaders like Zoho (Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics coming soon)
  • Analyze your calls: take advantage of a personalized call analytics dashboard to view detailed information and improve your workflow, at no additional cost.


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Zoho CRM

Adding the phone (VoIP) to a CRM, We increase the collection of data and at the same time that the call comes in, we are able to identify the client

Zoho Office

Tool that integrates with the telephone (VoIP) for support and collect all the tickets that are generated by each client. These tickets are for a quality system

It is no secret to anyone that with the arrival of Internet the world changed radically. And it is that this tool has been very useful in many areas, mainly in telecommunications, where today distance is not an impediment for people to be connected. Proof of this is the system of voice calls over internet protocol or for its acronym in English VoIP. This allows people to make calls using the internet. Clarify that VoIP and IP telephony are not the same.

What is VoIP?

VoIP It is called the technology that allows a call over the internet. Communication takes place verbally, in the same way that it is done through a mobile phone. However, in this technology, the voice travels through the Internet, and this is digitized so that it reaches the desired destination. That's how it is how voip works.

This technology opens up new possibilities in the development of communications, making contact between people easier and cheaper, regardless of where they are.

Why use VoIP?

Since always the voice transmission and data have been handled separately. The arrival of this new IP technology manages to unite both aspects.

ip calls

Previously the communications by IP they were considered to be of very low quality, but with the exponential increase in broadband connections, this technology was on the rise, managing to stabilize and improve transmission quality to the point of considering it better than conventional telephony.

Because of this, the expansion of the IP telephony It is a fact that little by little it is gaining ground, causing an enormous change in communications.

Various leading companies in developing programs and communications systems are promoting the advancement of technology, some are:

  • Nortel Networks
  • Cisco VoIP
  • Avaya
  • Alcatel
  • Matra
  • Samsung
  • LG

All this seems to indicate that in the not too distant future the VoIP technology it will become the main means of communication, managing to displace conventional telephone lines. This can be better understood by knowing the advantages offered by IP telephony.

VoIP advantages of IP telephony

This technology promises to dominate the communications market due to the advantages it provides. For this reason, it is convenient to know the benefits of the system VoIP compared to the usual telephony.

Low cost

This is the most relevant advantage, since a call made through the technology VoIPIt is much cheaper than a call made with conventional telephony.

The usual telephony establishes fixed costs for its services, regardless of whether you use them or not. Instead, the telephony IP does not establish this type of costs, but with a specific plan, you save up to 50% of the value of international and national calls.

The reason it is cheaper is because the voice and data transmission It is done through the same line.

Calls made within the same network are free of charge. It is expected that one of the first areas to fully implement VoIP will be the business environment, especially when managing branch offices. The VoIP technology It allows communication between departments, in addition to being efficient and secure, to be free.

Integrate value-added VoIP services

For its part, the IP telephony offers various free services that are billed conventionally, these are some of them:

  • Repeat call.
  • Call waiting service.
  • Call back.
  • 3 line call.
  • Caller ID.
  • Voicemail.
  • Call transfer service.

Not only users perceive the economic advantage of IP telephony. Providers also receive up to 30% less equipment cost for installing this technology, compared to conventional installations.

internet calls

VoIP calls from anywhere

Beyond how cheap it is use this telephony, one of the outstanding features is that wherever there is an internet connection, you can make use of this technology. The Internet is the medium by which information is transmitted IP phones.

Although this advantage covers anyone, it is more suitable for those who are used to traveling a lot, since they only need to carry their IP phone and maintain constant access with your Service provider. In addition, flat rate VoIP services remain within the same parameters.

Most efficient means of communication

La VoIP technology It is a means of communication that has various functionalities of great help in any field, but especially in the labor aspect. Among its capabilities is that of offering a call report in real time, which allows users to have better control over communications.

Similarly, this system has an electronic method by which it controls the flow of calls. This acts as an IP telephone exchange and transfers incoming calls, improving work times.

Another feature offered by this system is that users who receive IP calls in their office, they can transfer it directly to the user's mobile. In this way, we obtain a better distribution of time, managing to cover the spaces in which the person is outside the workplace.

voip switchboard

In the same way, communication can be established between different devices, some of which can be:

  • Special wireless.
  • Mobile phones.
  • PDA's

Although this technology offers various benefits to individuals, company VoIP systems, in addition to reducing costs, will increase the effectiveness of communication within your company.

VoIP, Internet telephony

Because this communication system is based on the transmission of information over the internet, can be used wirelessly. This constitutes a significant decrease in wiring.VoIP, Internet telephony

On the other hand, the way in which the voice over IP calls minimizes line maintenance. The infrastructure would not be a problem, since large equipment is not required for its operation.

Video calls

This technology allows not only the voice to travel through a VoIP call, because video calls can also be made at no additional cost.

VoIP Disadvantages

Despite all the great benefits offered by the system VoIP, has been slow to implement due to problems caused by technological limitations.

Broadband is required

for communications VoIP, the necessary bandwidth is high and there are still many homes with internet connectivity problems. This considerably limits the communications of this system. As time goes by, technological advances will make it possible to overcome this problem.

Complications to call the emergency service

With the VoIP technology, calling 911 becomes a true odyssey. The conventional technology managed to associate a phone number to a geographic area.

voip calls

Currently it has not been possible to associate an IP address to a geographical area, since each region has a particular emergency number. It is expected that in the future it will be possible to use geographic location in the configuration corresponding to the VoIP technology.

high capacity team

When you are making a VoIP call, and run a program that manages the full capacity of the device, the quality of the VoIP transmission Will be affected.

This is the reason why it is asked in many cases to make use of the IP technology a high-performance device is used and with a proper VoIP setup.

Quality depends on connectivity

Considering that the voice travels through the same data network, it is important to emphasize that the stability in the VoIP communications will depend on the data connection quality that is available.

If a connectivity requirement that is optimal enough for a VoIP communication, the following problems may occur:

  • Loss of data from voice packets.
  • A completely distorted conversation.
  • Inefficient response time.
  • Communication is cut.

However, the technological advances in this area are enormous, so in the not too distant future, this problem will not have great repercussions.

voip system

Malware infection

It is a fact that cyber attacks will be a huge problem in the face of the operation of this means of communication. What Internet is still the main means to establish this communication system, there is a great possibility that it could be affected by the presence of viruses or hacks.

However, the creators of this new system work hard to solve this type of problem.

Electric connection

People were used to conventional telephony continuing to operate with a power outage. This is an uncomfortable aspect since, the calls Internet They require an electrical connection for the equipment to work.

How does VoIP work?

Keep in mind that conventional telephony transmits voice analogically in the form of radio waves. This communication is maintained at all times since contact is established from one point to another.

In the case of the IP telephony, the voice is digitized into a data packet, giving it a binary encoding which is sent over the network. Upon arrival at the destination, the ip voice it decodes and becomes analog again.

These data packets are sent at the time the communication takes place. This means that the gaps produced in a habitual conversation are eliminated.

voip telephony

La technology VoIP allows communication with anyone even if they have a landline or mobile phone. This is often left to the provider's choice. the service de VoIP.

This technology also allows you to make calls from a conventional telephone. In this case, the intervention of an adapter (ATA) is necessary, which performs the function of transforming the voice from analog to digital. On the other hand, some services VoIP They allow a computer to intervene in the communication. In these cases, special software is required to perform the function of the (ATA).

VoIP vs. conventional telephony

To better understand the operation of the VoIP technology, the process of a call must be known, both in conventional and IP telephony.

Processing a call in the conventional system

A person who receives or makes a call through the usual communication system must go through the following steps:

  1. Pick up the phone: The tone that is heard lets you know that there is a connection with the local telephone service provider.
  2. Dial the phone number to be called.
  3. transmission of the call: the switch is the switch responsible for analyzing the dialed number and searching the telephone exchange for the destination of the dialed number.
  4. connection between two lines: In the telephone switchboard, more switches are involved that manage to establish a connection between the telephone that makes the call and the one that receives it.
  5. Notification: who receives the call will hear the phone ring and must answer the call:
  6. Open circuit: the moment the person who receives the call picks up the telephone speaker, a circuit is established between both telephones.
  7. Communication between the two people is established.
  8. Hang up: at the end of the communication, both people close the circuit by hanging up the telephone, thus freeing the line.

voip phone

It should be noted that from the moment the circuit is opened, the transmission of information is constant.

Process of a call in VoIP system

This example will explain the process of a call between two people with conventional telephones and a connection through their VoIP provider.

Both phones need to be connected to an analog-to-digital voice adapter, ATA.

  1. Pick up the phone: The ATA adapter receives the signal from the phone.
  2. Internet connection notification: when the ATA receives the signal from the phone, it emits a tone that confirms the internet connection.
  3. Dial the destination phone number.
  4. Number encoding: the phone number is received by the ATA and it transforms it into digital and sends it to your VoIP provider.
  5. Format Validation: the provider must verify that the number is in the proper format.
  6. IP address of the number: the provider verifies the destination of said number and converts it into an IP address.
  7. Call connection: the provider establishes the connection of both adapters and sends an order for the destination phone to ring or to a VoIP switchboard. These PBXs can support many VoIP lines.
  8. Two channel system: when the person receiving the call, the connection and communication between computers is established.
  9. Simultaneous transmission: While communication is established, both systems are receiving and sending packets to each other.
  10. Circuit closure: at the end of the communication the circuit is closed. At that time, the ATA informs the provider that the call has been terminated.

During the conversation, the voices are digitized and transformed into data that travels on the same Internet line. The transmission of this information must be done within the same protocol, otherwise there would be no communication.

Many companies prefer that a specialized digital marketing consultancy install this tool in their company. For this reason in Millennials Consulting We give you a hand and install VoIP based on the needs of your company so that you convert more leads.

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Why is IP telephony cheaper?

In a call with conventional telephony, several telephone exchanges intervene. These are connected by a large amount of fiber optic cabling and involve telecommunication satellites.

All this represents a huge investment to create and maintain all that infrastructure. In long distance calls, the cost is higher since more resources are involved to establish communication.


Also, most of the time in this conversation is dead time, time when people are not talking.

IP telephony eliminates these dead times, since the data that is transmitted is voice packets. As long as the person is not speaking there is no data transfer. It does not require a complex infrastructure, the connection is more direct and, being wireless, it does not require investment in wiring.

Exchange of packets in IP telephony

When an internet call is established, the voice travels in data packets. The computer digitizes and segments the information into data packets that are sent to the receiving computer. The latter receives this data, encodes it and orders it in the state in which it was sent.

This data traveled through the Internet and could have taken independent paths, to avoid congested routes and transmit faster.

Processing a call in the conventional system

A person who receives or makes a call through the usual communication system must go through the following steps:

  1. Pick up the phone: The tone that is heard lets you know that there is a connection with the local telephone service provider.
  2. Dial the phone number to be called.
  3. transmission of the call: the switch is the switch responsible for analyzing the dialed number and searching the telephone exchange for the destination of the dialed number.
  4. connection between two lines: In the telephone switchboard, more switches are involved that manage to establish a connection between the telephone that makes the call and the one that receives it.
  5. Notification: who receives the call will hear the phone ring and must answer the call:
  6. Open circuit: the moment the person who receives the call picks up the telephone speaker, a circuit is established between both telephones.
  7. Communication between the two people is established.
  8. Hang up: at the end of the communication, both people close the circuit by hanging up the telephone, thus freeing the line.

Types of communication in IP telephony

Calls made through the VoIP communications network can be in different ways.

Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA)

This is a device that allows the IP communication can be done on conventional telephone devices. The data issued by the traditional telephone is digitized by this device and sent to the network. Its main function is to convert information from analog to digital.

Today this type of device is already configured so that they only need to be installed without further concern.

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VoIP phones (hardphones)

They have the same appearance as a conventional phone, however the connector of this device is very different. Instead of RJ11 to connect the telephone cable, it comes with an RJ45 port for connection to the router.


These types of phones are equipped to establish the communication of VoIP calls. It is estimated that in the future mobile phones will offer Wi-Fi connection to IP phones and can communicate with this technology.

VoIP for PC

VoIP calls can be made between computers as long as you have:

  • Microphone.
  • Speakers.
  • Sound card.
  • Broadband internet connection.

In this type of communication there are no charges for the VoIP calls made, only by the internet connection used.

Note that the computer needs a program that allows analog to digital conversion. You achieve this with software that you can easily download on the internet.

There are different free programs for this conversion. However the sound quality may be a variant compared to paid software.


3CX is a software for companies to call using VoIP IP telephony at a low cost. It allows communication to other countries and works as an IP telephone exchange offering various functionalities. The user will be able to manage these functionalities according to needs.

This program can be used in companies for its easy adaptability. In addition, it allows to improve the productivity in the workplace of all workers.




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