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Security that Google Workspace has by default

In this article, we'll explore how Google Workspace, a cloud-based productivity suite, addresses and strengthens enterprise data security. Learn how its powerful protection tools and protocols provide strong defense in an ever-evolving environment.

Why study digital marketing?

Why study digital marketing?

Have you ever wondered the importance of digital marketing and why study Digital Marketing? Because in this new era...

don't buy google reviews

Why not buy Google reviews

Buying Google reviews has become a common practice for many businesses, both to improve their own scores and to hurt the competition.


Blog Corporate

Many people know that it is a Blog , but they really know what a Blog Corporate, which is one of the most important variants

zoho desktop 2023

The new Zoho Desk 2023

Do you want to know all the news that Zoho Desk is going to present in 2023? Here you will find information of interest about this tool.

integrate sap with zoho crm

Integrate SAP with Zoho CRM

Do you want to know how to integrate SAP with Zoho CRM And everything related? Here you will find information about this.


Meet ASO | The SEO for Apps

ASO stands for App Store Optimization. It is a process similar to SEO but focused on mobile applications.


What's New Zoho CRM Fall 2022

Updates always bring us new things that users may like more or less. However, they are always done with the intention of

integrate zoho crm with ericsson

How to integrate Zoho CRM with Ericsson

Would you like to know if it is possible to integrate Zoho CRM with Ericsson? Enter here and find out what you can do with these tools.

zoho integration crm and sift

How to integrate Zoho CRM with Cerner

Do you want to know if it is possible to integrate Zoho applications CRM and Cerner Corporation? Here we tell you what you need to know.

differences between zoho books and oracle

Differences between Zoho Books and Oracle

Do you want to know the differences between Zoho Books and Oracle? Enter this post and find out. In Millennials we implement Zoho Books.

integrate Zoho CRM with Intuit Inc.

Integrate Zoho CRM with Intuit Inc.

Do you know how to integrate Zoho CRM with Intuit Inc? In Millennials Consulting we work Zoho CRM. Enter this post and find out.

how to migrate data from sap to zoho

How to migrate data from SAP to Zoho

Do you know how to migrate data from Sap to Zoho? In Millennials Consulting we work with Zoho. Enter this post and find out.


How to integrate Zoho CRM with Fiserv

Why is it becoming more and more common to integrate zoho crm with fiserv? In Millennials We are experts in CRM and other services.

wordpress htaccess seo

Optimize htaccess SEO WordPress

Know the best htaccess rules SEO Wordpress to work on your projects. Improve the SEO and fix bugs in htaccess.

kit digital for marketplace

Plug Kit Digital - Marketplace

This is one of the aids of Kit Digital owned and promoted by Acelera Pyme. If you want to know more about this and know what they are

integrate zoho crm with global fis

Integrate Zoho CRM with FisGlobal

Would you like to Integrate Zoho CRM with Fis Global in your company? Work faster with these tools. Enter this post and find out.

google analytics goals

Google Analytics Objectives

Learning to work with Google Analytics Objectives helps to know the conversion we have on our website and the success of our work.

analyze seo websites

How to analyze the SEO of a web page?

Analyze the SEO of a website is important to know if a good job is being done or, on the contrary, another one should be proposed

seo in alicante province

Seo in Alicante

Do you have a company in Alicante and are you thinking of applying Positioning on your website? have you heard of the SEO but you don't know exactly what it is and how to apply it?

hreflang tag

hreflang tag and SEO International

The implementation of the hreflang tag can help us improve the visibility of our website when it is published in several languages.

Zoho Books integration with Contasol

Bank integration with Zoho Books

INTEGRATION OF BANKS WITH ZOHO BOOKS When you can, do these steps again to synchronize your banks with Zoho Books to see if it works now

remote work

Zoho Remote Work Tools

Why do companies use remote work tools? Is it the future in the workplace? Enter this post and find out.

google analytics segments seo

Segments in Google Analytics

Learning to create segments in Google Analytics can increase our profits by helping us focus our strategy SEO where it really matters.

best billing software

best billing software

Do you want to know which is the best billing software? Enter this to find out what you need and improve your company.

improve website conversion rate

What is the web conversion rate?

If you have a website or an online business, both services and e-commerce, and you want to obtain more sales or contacts, you should know what it is.

customer reception

Plug Kit Digital – Secure Communications

Category, Objective and Amount This aid is part of the program Kit Digital, you can find more information by clicking here Digitization solution category: Secure Communications

digital-kit-file-customer-management-kit (1)

Plug Kit digital - Customer Management CRM

Category, Objective and Amount This aid is part of the program Kit Digital, you can find more information about the subsidy by clicking here Solution Category


Plug Kit Digital - Electronic bill

Category, Objective and Amount This aid is part of the program Kit Digital, you can find more information about the subsidy by clicking here Solution Category

online job tools

3 Zoho tools for remote work

Meet 3 dedicated tools to improve Remote Work. With these Zoho Tools you can better organize and manage remote work

SEO seo alicante

Seo in images in 10 steps [Guide 2024]

Working the images well from their upload to the web can save us a lot of headache and work time. We will also gain opportunities to position them.

online payment

Zoho Finance | All you need to know

Still don't know the benefits that Zoho Finance can give you? Enter and find out what the Zoho Suite tool offers you.


New arrivals Zoho One

Latest news from Zoho One From Millennials Consulting We are delighted to present the global release of the update Zoho One  «ZO21» and all

Crm zoho

How to get company databases in CRM

Learn about the integration between Zoho CRM and uProc. To obtain company databases in CRM we must perform the integration between the Zoho tool


check ranged from CRM the ERP

In this post we show you how to check your IBAN number from the CRM or ERP. With Zoho integration CRM or Zoho Books

Zoho Books integration with Contasol

Zoho Books Integration with Stripe

The integration of Zoho Books (Zoho accounting software) and Stripe (online payment software) is very helpful when making

How to be a good salesman

How to be a good salesman?

Would you like to know different tips to get to know how to be a good seller? Enter this post and find out.

teamwork in a company

Keys to teamwork in a company

Do you really know the keys to teamwork? Learn what you have to do to improve group work in your company

integration-zoho-crm-and Facebook

Get to know Zoho Integration CRM and Facebook

With the Integration between Zoho CRM and Facebook you will be able to take full advantage of these two applications. Keep control of the leads obtained on Facebook and manage them from Zoho CRM

technological innovation

What is technological innovation?

Would you like to know what technological innovation is and learn about the different things it encompasses? Enter this post and find out.


Get to know Zoho Integration CRM and Zoho Social

Learn about Zoho integration CRM and Zoho Social. By connecting these two Zoho applications you will be able to improve the management of your social networks and your advertising media.

Zoho Books integration with Contasol

Meet the Integration of Zoho Books and Uber

Learn about the integration between Zoho Books and the transport company Uber.
A perfect integration for those who travel regularly on behalf of a company.

how to sell more website

How to sell more?

Would you like to know different tips to follow to know how to sell more? Here we tell you what you need to know.


How to be a good leader?

Learn how to be a good leader and the characteristics that differentiate you from a boss.
Do you have the skills of a good leader?

How to be a good boss

How to be a good boss?

Would you like to know different tips to follow to know how to be a good boss? Here we tell you what you need to know.

sistrix visibility

How to solve the drop in organic traffic?

One of the great problems of the professionals who work in SEO is to find ourselves with strong drops in organic traffic. Today we are going to try to solve some doubts about this topic.


How to be more productive?

Would you like to know a series of tips to know how to be more productive? Here we tell you how.


How to remove fake reviews from Google My Business?

Negative reviews on Google My Business are not something we would like to have, they can generate a bad reputation among our clients, giving a bad image to the general public. That's why we teach you how to remove fake reviews from Google My Business


What is viral marketing?

Still don't know what Viral Marketing is and what you can achieve through it? We tell you everything you need to know about this.


How to increase efficiency at work?

Would you like to know a series of tips that can help you increase efficiency at work? Here we tell you what you need to know for this.


Top Best Marketing Strategies

In this top we show you the best marketing strategies, such as inbound marketing or digital marketing.


How to be more organized at work?

Would you like to know a series of tips to follow that could help you be more organized during your workday? Here we tell you how to achieve it in your work.


How to get a Proactive Company?

Proactivity at work is an important aspect that companies value. We explain how to improve proactivity at work.


TOP 5 email marketing tools

In this post we will know what we consider the 5 best email marketing tools and how they work. Enter here and discover them.

credit and surety logo

Credit and Surety in CRM

In this article we are going to try to explain what it is, what it is for and what we get with Crédito y Caución and how to use it with this new functionality for you Zoho CRM.


Seo in Aspe

Do you want to improve the visibility of your website with a SEO in Aspe of quality? We are a responsible and bold team that works the web with discipline and knowledge.

web design benidorm

Web design Benidorm

WEB Design in Benidorm One of the fastest growing companies today are those that are dedicated to making templates for sale

integrate zoho crm with oracle

Everything you need to know about Zoho UK

ZOHO SPAIN The first thing to highlight is that Millennials Consulting is the company partner Zoho premium in Spain, the most important in the country. Although


Control your stock with Zoho Inventory

Zoho Inventory Stop searching for tools and let Zoho Inventory do all the tracking in a simple way. Thanks to your service for control

SEO SEO in Elda

SEO in Elda and Petrer

Doing SEO For a business in Elda y Petrer it can be very beneficial. Not only will it attract clients but it can give

A commercial action plan

Action Plan in a Company

An action plan is one of the most valuable tools for a company, so here we will teach you how to control your action plan to make it a success.

Digitization of companies

Digitization of companies

Do you want to know what the digitization of companies means? Look no further, here, we will explain everything you need.


Strategic planning of a company

Before creating a new company it is essential to have a good action plan. Learn what strategic planning is like.

Digital-Marketing (1)

Process automation in a company

Automation of processes in a company The automation of processes in an organization contains a large number of advantages, especially time savings and

customer loyalty crm

Automation to customer service

Automation is a process that began to be generated more than half a century ago among major companies. Today, the majority


Chain production

Learn how you can improve chain production processes with cutting-edge tools.


How to increase labor productivity?

Labor productivity Labor productivity is known as the performance or efficiency by which a worker is capable of producing a quantity of goods in a time.


Know-how of a company

Do you still not know the term Know how within a company? Here we tell you everything you need to know about it.


Free billing software

Program to make free invoices Thanks to advances in computing, it is possible to use programs that facilitate accounting activities in the office. TO

Zoho Books integration with Contasol

What is an ERP?

Would you like to know what an ERP is and everything it can contribute to your company? Here we tell you everything you need to know about it.

marketing information system

Marketing Information System

Still don't know what the Marketing Information System (MIS) is and everything it can offer? Here we tell you everything you need to know about it.


Types of Business Leadership

Still don't know the different types of existing business leadership? Which is the most suitable? Here we tell you everything you need to know about it.


What is Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is a marketing strategy that involves developing relationships with buyers at each stage of the sales funnel through continuous communication.

breakeven point

Return Threshold

Would you like to know what the profitability threshold is? What types of profitability are there? Here we tell you everything you need to know.

New google rel nofollow directives

Google new directive rel nofollow, sponsored and ugc

The “rel” directive can be included in the links on our website and is used to indicate to the Google spider which links should follow (track) and which should not (follow/nofollow).


SEO SEO in Elche

Still don't know what it is and what benefits of providing the SEO? Millennials Consulting is the best company for SEO in Elche.

compare crm zoho with dynamics

Zoho vs. Dynamics

Compare prices and services to make the best decision If you are looking for a CRM for your company or personal project, I suppose you already know the



Who uses a system? CRM? systems CRM can be easily customized to meet the specific needs of any company, regardless of its type


What's New in Zoho Social and Work Teams

Having a harmonious relationship and communication with your entire team for the management of Social Networks usually presents difficulties, either because your team

lead scoring with crm

Lead Scoring with Zoho CRM

What is Lead Scoring for CRM? Lead Scoring is the temperature of the lead. It helps us measure the degree of user interest in

remove duplicates zoho crm

Remove Duplicates from your Zoho CRM

Delete duplicate contacts in Zoho CRM Having a CRM free of duplicate records, it is incredibly valuable, so we must be very careful with the

Ratings and Reviews in Zoho Recruit

Ratings and Reviews in Zoho Recruit

Qualifications for applicants for a position The arduous task of keeping a good summary of the data clean and clear from a bird's eye view


Zoho CRM Locate your Clients on a map

Zoho CRM presents you customers in a Zoho MAP CRM has prepared an APP on Android and IOS where you can see your clients painted


Unify documents with Zoho Writer

One of the best applications we can find to improve our sales is Zoho Writer. This powerful text creator will allow you to have greater


How does Zoho SalesIQ work?

How much does it cost to have it on the web? Zoho Sales IQ is included in Zoho ONE and in Zoho PLUS Zoho SalesIQ is known for its


Recruitment with Zoho Recruit

A very common problem in companies today is being able to recruit people to work for them. That is why the


Advantages of Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail, Professional Email for your Company Are you looking to access Zoho Mail? Access in 1 Click Zoho Mail Login Zoho Mail Don't have it yet?


Zoho Mail in Spanish

Zoho Mail Spain Having an email in Spanish from Zoho is possible thanks to the various functionalities that it CRM has. A first class service


Get the most out of Zoho Connect

Zoho applications are divided into three groups, with the collaboration group being the most interesting of all. Among them, an application stands out that

sms for zoho crm

SMS Platform for Zoho CRM

Order your customized SMS platform here SMS platform integrated with Zoho: Zoho CRM Zoho Flow Zoho Desk Enter and Register for Free (We give away €2

migration to wordpress

From Joomla to WordPress

Migration from Joomla to WordPress In a world in which web pages act as a business card for companies, associations and others, it is

video marketing

What is Video Marketing

Work on communication for sales Video Marketing Did you know that using the word “video” in an email subject line increases rates

seo in novel process

Alcoy web design

Still do not know everything that web design can bring you? Here we tell you everything.

search engine seo alicante

Hire Seo in Benidorm

Seo Benidorm- Seo On Page vs. Seo Off Page Previously we had talked about what is the SEO Benidorm and what it is used for

seo benidorm on page

Hire Seo in Villena

Web positioning is closely related to the SEO. Not considering optimization techniques can cause Google to not take you into account for


What is web design?

We are in Novelda Millions of people are connected to the Internet every day and there are more and more. This is why all

seo in elche graphic

Everything you need to know about SEO

Today we want to talk to you about something very important. Both for those in the marketing sector and for those who are starting to

web design torrevieja

Denia web design

Sales-oriented web design Every web page creator has usually focused exclusively on pure design, color, fonts, structure... but each

benidorm responsive web design

Web Design in Torrevieja

Would you like to hire web design services in Torrevieja? In Millennials Consulting We have the best experts in the area. We will help you and accompany you


What should have an impact web design?

Sales-oriented web design There are people who believe that just by having a website they have done all the work, their brand or project.

What is the NAP and how does it affect SEO local?

SEO in Torrevieja

SEO Seo in Torrevieja A web page without SEO It is like having a commercial establishment but never opening the doors: it will not generate fruit. But what is it

alcoy responsive web design

Web design in Elda

When we talk about web design, we refer to the planning, implementation and design of web pages. In this case we are not talking about the simple