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En Millennials Consulting we have our own Agency of Seo with offices in Madrid y Alicante I&II . We work in positioning seo of your website always following ethical principles and commitment to the client. We are an online positioning agency that carries out the entire cycle of a web positioning strategy, starting with the analysis of the website and market where it competes through  audits OnPage  y  off page , where we analyze the state of your website as well as your reputation on the internet and that of your competitors. With this, in our agency SEO (Search Engine Optimization) we design and develop a realistic and effective positioning strategy with the sole objective of improving your organic positioning.

Learn with us SEO Seo

SEO Insurance

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We apply techniques Seo ethics, guaranteeing safety and avoiding penalties.


We analyze the business niche and align the content with the company's services.


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Constant monitoring with personalized reports to evaluate the impact of changes.

Benefits of an Agency SEO

Why hire the service of a Positioning Agency Seo?

The Internet has become the main tool for contracting services or products. Not having a website or having it poorly positioned means that your business does not exist on the Internet. Applying expert techniques in web positioning and search engine positioning strategies organically we will gain visibility in the main search engines, thus attracting potential clients.

Get to know your customers
Learn how the user interacts on your website and optimize based on their interests.
understand your business
By analyzing your competitors and users we can establish more accurate strategies.
Prepare and improve your website for top positions in the main search engines.

What does an agency do? SEO?

En Millennials Consulting we cover all cycles of positioning Seo. From the current state of the website and its competitors to applying the proposed changes or providing the development team with the necessary guidelines to apply those changes. Error correction, web speed, implementation of web maps that make your content more accessible, are just some of the changes that can boost traffic to your website. Our web positioning agency is not the typical digital marketing agency. We offer you constant monitoring of our work Seo based on monthly reports, where the work carried out and the impact they have had on the 360º web positioning.

How our agency works SEO?

Audit Seo

Initial analysis of your website and competitors.

Personalized Advice Seo

Automated communication and reporting.

Web Analytics

Know how users interact on your website.

Content Marketing

Original content aligned with the business niche.

Seo Location

We position your business in geo-located searches.

Positioning in social networks

Generate quality traffic with social networks.

What differentiates us from other Agencies SEO?

Como positioning company Seo, we have more than 10 years of experience in SEO and our main objective is the commitment to our clients. We understand the Seo as a job in the medium and long term and we built the web with that criterion, a robust web that once reaches the first page of google be difficult to dislodge. A website in which each change applied has a clear objective so that each step we take is for the benefit of achieving better organic positioning.


We understand positioning on the web as an extension of the business and we learn from our clients at the same time that they learn with us. Our main objective is to grow together. Therefore, we work according to the resources you want to allocate to positioning Seo, from an online strategy for small websites, positioning of online stores or large platforms with several websites.

From the first minute we are in constant communication, we report the most relevant changes and we agree on them with the clients, in this way, we all row in the same direction.

We focus our efforts on positioning our clients in the top positions of the main search engines because it has been shown that most users do not go beyond the first page of Google.

Audit Seo
Seo OnPage
Seo off page
agency-seo-Web Analytics
Web Analytics

Audit Seo On Page and Seo off page

Digital Marketing and Positioning Services SEO

This is the most important part of our work, as it is where we discover what is being done right and wrong on the web. By means of the On Page Audit , among many other aspects, we analyze the state of the web in terms of Seo and we check aspects such as web architecture, web speed, the correct use of labels or web usability, because a good interface and a simple navigation flow can make a difference.

By  Off Page Audit We analyze the business niche and the competition. We study every detail of the business and user behavior in it, which allows us to design a content strategy and  link Building coherent.

We will present the results in different reports where we detail what you must correct and what strategy to implement.

Even though we are one  Agency specialized in Seo  young man, our results support us. Thanks to the constant training of our  equipment Seo , we apply the latest positioning techniques and evaluate each of the changes in the  Google algorithm , which allows us to apply the latest updates on Seo.

Still don't have WEB? 

If you still don't have a website, don't worry, since through audits Seo We help you design a web map and what products or services you can position more quickly . Our Positioning agency Seo It is completed with web development and design services.

SEO On Page VS SEO off page

We know and develop all the processes for the realization of a web positioning strategy. We analyze the state of the web's and the niches where it is intended to compete and we carry out a study of the competition and the behavior of the users in the network.

Seo OnPage

We analyze the most relevant aspects of your website offering solutions for the optimization of the website, thus improving its performance. We carefully choose the metrics to measure the impact of the changes applied and we teach you how to measure the performance of your website through web analytics tools.

We analyze if your website is crawlable by search engines, how easily and quickly they do it and if our content has been indexed in search engines.

We check possible penalties and errors, both at the hosting and server level and on the website itself.

We analyze and check that the contents of your website are easily accessible by users and we offer you recommendations for the best organization of the information and resources of the web.

We check that the content offered is in line with the business objectives, providing all possible information for the user and for search engines.

A slow website can have a negative impact on the user. For this reason, we carry out analysis tasks and changes to improve performance both on the server and on page loads.

Seo off page

Of course, we analyze web traffic in your business niche and your competition. We analyze how the user behaves in front of each business niche and keywords. We try to align your product and service with user behavior on the web.

We analyze how you are competing organically on the internet and who is competing on certain keywords. If you haven't started your project yet, we help you create your web map.

We analyze the web's that best position in your business niche from reports that will provide you with very valuable information to know how to structure and work your business on the internet.

We analyze your competitors, both online and offline, providing you with data related to their activity on the network. From these data, we will be able to draw valuable conclusions to decide the strategy to follow and the resources to use, before investing in the development of the web.

We prepare detailed reports with groups of keywords based on the type of service or product. We analyze the degree of difficulty for the positioning of the keyword as well as the authority of the domains that occupy the first positions. In this way, the client can decide the type of strategy to follow and estimate the resources needed to carry it out.

One of the most relevant aspects today in web positioning is the reputation we have on the internet. To do this, we create Linkbuilding campaigns ethically and always under White Hat principles. We align your business niche with our strategy to offer the user the content they were looking for at all times.

We compute the probability and estimated number of views and leads depending on the business niche along with the strategic keywords and competition. In this way you can estimate the potential leads that you can capture in that business niche and thus have more data about the feasibility of your project.

Success stories

For us, a success story in SEO It means growing the company we work for. We program our strategy and consulting not only to improve our clients' visibility on Google, but also to train in good practices and control of the digital marketing strategy.


Start optimizing and growing your business today!


Where to find a positioning agency Seo?

We have offices in different cities in Spain and Latin America  where you can always find us and attend our webinars. We also work on seo international with clients in different Spanish cities, South America and the Spanish-speaking market thanks to the use of communication platforms such as video streaming. Improve your website's visibility in search engines with our digital strategy and technical optimization and enjoy 360º web positioning by improving the organic traffic of your web project.


Raimundo Fernández Villaverde, 61, 5º Iz, 28003 Madrid


C. Mª Cristina 74, ground floor, 03660

Palma de Mallorca

Gran Via Asima 2 Floor 9 07009

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Local Boston Street No. 2, 38650

Guadalajara - Mexico

Córdoba 2562, Providencia 3a. Sect, 44630.

Vitacura - Chile

Av Tabancura 1515 Office 309, 7630000 Vitacura.


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