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Do you have a company in Alicante and are you thinking of applying Positioning on your website? have you heard of the SEO but you don't know exactly what it is and how to apply it?
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We develop your strategy SEO?

Contact our team to find out how we are going to work on your website in the coming months.

  • We analyze the current state of your website, the competitors and the business niche
  • We elaborate a strategy and semi-annual planning and we take care of repairing and optimizing the SEO of your website
  • We generate valuable content in your blog and we configure the analytics reports so as not to lose detail

It is not only SEO

We have a team of specialists around us who will give us a boost when we need it. Ads, Social Networks, Email marketing… support the department SEO at all times.

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We call you and tell us

Price list and plans SEO

Full Equip Strategic Plan

Ideal for websites that want to compete at a national level and become leaders in their sector
640 Monthly
  • 12 hours/month of work
  • Technology SEO teacher
  • Technical Optimization
  • On Page Optimization
  • Off Page Optimization
  • web speed
  • web architecture
  • Hosting Optimization
  • Configuration of analytical tools
  • Monthly monitoring reports

SEO SEO in Alicante

Not being on the internet is synonymous with not existing. The current technological platforms offer multiple benefits, but the most important one, the one that every company must assume as paramount, is being on the map. Internet, since its inception, opened a range of possibilities. opened channels of business, interaction between users and brands and endless possibilities that increase the presence of social networks. But, the matrix of it all is having a website. If someone searches for anything, he will ask his trusted search engine and it will give the recognized options. Being in the online world is the first step of a new successful world. For this we have our Travel Seo from where we are going to see how we can make a good SEO Alicante.

Si you have a business and you want to get the most out of your website, it is important that it is optimized for search engines and that it shows the expected results in terms of searches.
To do this, the first step is to know if our page complies with the guidelines and is correctly optimized.

Consultant Seo in Alicante

En millennials consulting we have great professionals and consultants SEO in Alicante.

We analyze your website together with the needs of your business, to carry out an online strategy that is easy to carry out and is in accordance with your objectives and needs. Before starting to work with a client, we need a previous meeting to see what needs our clients have to maximize their profitability in the project.

The goal of a good SEO is to make the client obtain a good return to continue contracting our services. That is why we make every effort to correctly carry out the different tasks such as SEO together with the company to position your website and sell more.

Every day, thousands of jobs are created thanks to the internet. There are hundreds of positions that can be filled with just running and maintaining a web page. Very recently, an investigation was conducted to find out how many websites exist in the world. The number of websites currently stands at more than 1 billion and continues to rise.

These data were collected by the website Live Stats, who also have a live count of how this and other numbers are increasing. 


So as you read this article, the number is increasing but of that number, only 75% of the sites are still active. This is where it becomes more important to make a good SEO Alicante. There are around 3 billion users worldwide, and internet traffic is counted per day. At the time of writing this text, it exceeded 3 billion GB. It is a world full of people trying to discover new things, being present is quite an achievement.

SEO Then I am, now what?

There are many tools with which you can make websites. Templates, programs and a lot of creativity are necessary. At this point, the simplest in a work chain, it is necessary to have the help of professionals in the field. The web positioning consultants and computer engineers, are in the world to decipher the codes on the internet, translate them and transform them into something readable and visual for the human eye. But there are other processes behind that are necessary for a website to be on the right track. Let's remember that only 75% of sites are active and leaves a gap for others web can enter the market. But in a sea as deep and wide as the internet, how do SEO Alicante so that they know you?

What does it mean SEO and SEM?

There are two partners who are together but not mixed up and can significantly boost a website and eventually a brand. Its about SEO and SEM, two concepts that bring back a lot of aspects and explanations, worthy of a long lecture, but that we will try to summarize and explain in a simple way. Here you will find everything you need to know.

organic results seo alicante

What you must first know is each of the concepts. What is SEO in digital marketing? SEO are the initials in English of Search Engine Optimization. It is a positioning strategy, through techniques, including the re-writing of the HTML code, content editing, navigation on the site, link campaigns, in order to improve the position of the website in the results. of the seekers. Yes, it is very important that you exist, but it is just as important that without much effort people can locate you. The best positioned websites are those that appear on page one of Google, to name a search engine. Google receives more than four billion searches daily, representing 65% of searches worldwide. The growth has been incredible, it went from 10 thousand to three billion a day in the first 15 years. 

How to position seo for large companies?

In this video we explain how to work both consultancy SEO such as web positioning in search engines for companies in the province of Alicante. It is true that the video is more oriented for those SEOIt is more beginners than for clients but it has a point that it is advisable to see to understand the work that a SEO daily.

Many companies prefer that a specialized digital marketing consultancy help them optimize and improve their website. For this reason in Millennials Consulting We give you a hand to position yourself based on the needs of your company so that you convert more leads.

Come on!

You want to learn SEO?

Using our consulting plans SEO we will help your team to improve the SEO of your website. Count on our experience to form a team SEO competent within your own company.

Audit SEO Standard

For websites with less than 500 URLs
  • Initial meeting with the client
  • Proposal of objectives
  • Audit SEO on page
  • Audit SEO off page
  • Study of the competition
  • Action plan to overcome competition
  • Final meeting with the client

    (Where the work done, the errors to be fixed, the strategies to be implemented and the duration of the project will be presented and explained SEO that will be estimated to achieve these objectives.)

Premium Audit

Websites that have between 500 and 1200 URLs
  • Initial meeting with the client
  • Proposal of objectives
  • Audit SEO on page
  • Audit SEO of page
  • Audit SEO Technique
  • Website improvement proposals
  • Study of the competition
  • Action plan to overcome competition
  • Final meeting with the client

    (Where the work done, the errors to be fixed, the strategies to be implemented and the duration of the project will be presented and explained SEO that will be estimated to achieve these objectives.)

Top Audit

For large websites with more than 1200 URLs
  • Initial meeting with the client
  • Proposal of objectives
  • Audit SEO on page
  • Audit SEO off page
  • Audit SEO Technique
  • Website improvement proposals
  • Study of the competition
  • Action plan to overcome competition
  • Work structuring SEO to be done by staff SEO internal company
  • Final meeting with the client

    (Where the work done, the errors to be fixed, the strategies to be implemented and the duration of the project will be presented and explained SEO that will be estimated to achieve these objectives.)
  • Monthly Follow-up Service for SEO of your company follow the strategies correctly and do not deviate from the established plan


So being in the top search engine is a start. Really, very few people look at pages two or 10 of Google, a large part of the population focuses only on page one, so Google does its job. However, the term of SEO  has changed over time. The internet, however crazy it may seem, seeks to be more human. The interaction between two people who are separated by millions of kilometers of fiber optics and use a monitor as a bridge is more real. Internet, search engines, social networks, websites and strategies are more human. now with the SEO what Matt Cutts himself, who was the director of the department against web spam at Google, describes as “Search Experience Optimization” or what is the same, all by the user.

errors seo alicante

Now, there are two factors that differentiate web positioning among a sea of ​​possibilities, it is about authority and relevance. The first is basically popularity. The more popular a website is, the more valuable it is. insights containing. All this is based on the user's own experience, that is, the more interesting content shared, the greater the number of interested users.

SEO or how to succeed in search engines

As for relevance, this means that it is the relationship that a page has against a given search. It is not simply that a website contains the term searched for a lot of times, but that a search engine is based on hundreds of factors to determine this, among them the keyword optimization, load time, user experience, optimization of the code and format of the URLs, these are called factors SEO on page, which is one of the two groups into which it is divided into SEOthe other is SEO off page, which is the part of the work SEO which is done on the external part of the website. The number and quality of links, social media presence, mentions in local media, brand authority, and performance in search results are all taken into consideration.

SEO seo alicante

Knowing all this, it is important to take into account what it is for. It's a very nice story with a happy ending. The greatest need to do SEO Alicante is because it optimizes each website for both users and search engines. The SEO is necessary to help search engines understand what each page is about and whether or not it works useful for users. This is mainly the positioning.

El SEO It is the best way for users to find, through searches, that our website is relevant. These users are looking for what the business or person can offer them, and the best way to reach them is through a search engine.


We turn 180° and go to another definition. SEM or Search Engine Marketing refers to paid search engine advertising campaigns or Search Engine Marketing actions. This technique requires tools and strategies that optimize the visibility and increase the accessibility of the web to search engines.

It is, on many occasions, the search engines themselves who offer these tools to advertise in their search media.  Google AdWords, Bing Ads, or Yahoo! Search Marketing, through them you can generate quality traffic to the web. The SEM allows you to compete face to face with other competitors, the majority of large and medium-sized companies or organizations, allocate a specific budget to the generation of paid advertisements. It's not just existing, it's personally greeting each user and saying "Hello, here I am, and I offer you what you need".

digital workplace strategy seo alicante

El Search Engine Marketing it requires a large optimization effort and also requires a budget that in some cases is usually expensive. Some small companies will not be able to get into this technique. Another disadvantage is that it is an action that the user does not request. This means that it must be done carefully to avoid becoming an invasion and being like a salesman who drags you to the store.

Experts in SEO

Are you interested in hiring an expert in SEO ? What are you waiting for ! Our team will help you optimize your website.

SEO vs SEM, who wins this battle?

Both the  SEO such as Search Engine Marketing, are useful and honest processes that are within the web. Each one requires special work. Positioning SEO Alicante is more organic and needs knowledge to improve web positioning Alicante. The SEO It is a job that is done little by little and with attention to what works and what doesn't. Despite existing tools SEO online, expert recommended SEO Alicante trained for this function. You need to know grammar, content, keywords, tags, social networks, about the internet in general and have a lot of patience. Check with an agency SEO SEM All these aspects are necessary. a consultant SEO Alicante will be able to advise you to improve your positioning.

positioning seo alicante

With Search Engine Marketing there has been a phenomenon that has flourished in recent years. Its tools have made it possible to quickly publicize products, services or brands on the Internet. The optimization of our website You can get an efficient and fast return on investment. It sounds nice, but it takes work, effort and a lot of knowledge about markets, brands and their promotion. It is worthless to pay a lot of campaigns if they do not have clear objectives and strategies. Doing it wrong is losing money and customers at the same time.

Traffic to a website will increase with paid traffic, but this does not mean improving the positioning seo Alicante. Neither do sales and it doesn't mean that everyone who comes to the website is interested. It is a risk that can be taken with the correct and key elements. With SEM solutions such as Google AdWords, you not only place advertising on the Internet, but also contextual advertising on other websites.

In any case, both options can help us in our online marketing.

SEO Alicante free

There is a stereotype that Seo It's free, but this is not exactly so. How to make my website and occupy the first positions in the resultados de búsqueda takes time. In general, it is an initial budget that will then pay off in the long term. With SEM, you will need to invest until you achieve results. The position that the website will occupy in the results pages is also different. AdWords ads occupy a column at the top right of the page. Organic results are displayed in the center space.

consulting seo alicante

SEO consists in creating quality content, usually longer. Meanwhile, in Search Engine Marketing you have ads with a very small number of characters. These forces us to have a web design designed to achieve the maximum impact with the minimum elements. With the SEM the results will arrive in the short to medium term, while the SEO Alicante will do it in the long term. As we mentioned at the beginning, the SEO it is more organic, the SEM is paid.

Both processes are necessary to publicize and position a site. Not being on the internet is synonymous with not existing, but it must be done under a purpose and with an objective. Using technology to carry a message or sell is the best way to do business today. Internet is available and open 24 hours a day.

to improve your Google positioning contact a specialist SEO or consulting SEO to increase web traffic. If you are looking for companies SEO in Alicante, Get in contact with us!!!

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Seo in Alicante
Do you have a company in Alicante and are you thinking of applying Positioning on your website? have you heard of the SEO but you don't know exactly what it is and how to apply it?
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Beatriz Saavedra Santos
Beatriz Saavedra Santos
23. May, 2024.
Unbeatable team, absolute availability, service of 10. They have done the impossible in record time. Thanks for everything.
Walter Bulnes
Walter Bulnes
8. May, 2024.
It is a pleasure to greet you, we are a Chuck E. Cheese franchisee for Honduras, we had the opportunity to develop the Plan SEO with Millennials which has been very favorable, on our part we are very grateful and satisfied with the work done by the consultants who provided us with support (Álvaro Poveda/Enrique Monzó), very professional, very assertive, I can recommend them to potential clients who want this support.
Daniel Suarez
Daniel Suarez
17. April, 2024.
We have collaborated with Millennials Consulting for the implementation of CRM and other Zoho modules. The experience has been very positive, highlighting his professionalism and knowledge. The team of Millennials was well suited to our needs, ensuring a smooth and efficient integration. Additionally, they assisted us with the process of obtaining Digital Kit grants, which we greatly appreciated. I recommend to Millennials Consulting to those who need to implement Zoho solutions effectively.
Retirement Group
Retirement Group
17. April, 2024.
We have worked very well with them. Very good project organization and availability. Our consultant CRM José Iñesta has always guided and advised us very accurately. Totally recommended
Zine Hospitality
Zine Hospitality
22. March, 2024.
José showed a deep knowledge of the CRM and a great ability to adapt it to our specific needs. He effectively guided us through the implementation of bluePrints, workflows and fields in different modules, providing us with useful solutions and advice for our business. Thank you for your patience and dedication!


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