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The best CRM for sports clubs or sports centers


En Millennials Consulting We have extensive experience in the Sports Sector because we have achieved the opportunity to work with different sports centers, gyms, clubs and sports centers. So we have a highly specialized team in the sports sector.

We know the needs that centers related to sports activity require, attract more customers through more solid communication, improve the relationship with the customer, and employees or know which are the most effective communication models when it comes to retaining athletes or sell more services or enjoy the facilities in a better way. That is why our specialists base the implantation of a CRM for Sports Club on the specific needs of your center or club.
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Do you want more clients?
Zoho CRM has a advanced customization system and different applications that will make us generate a strategy based on your needsa CRM we can cover from a software for gyms to create a CRM for sports center for each of these centers.

  • with Zoho CRM We will be able to obtain data from employees, coaches or clients, it will also allow us to set short, medium or long-term objectives for our sports institution. Find out the dates on which our communication campaigns are most effective in attracting and retaining customers.
  • Study the success and failure of each strategy used to capture leads.
  • We will be able to receive notifications so as not to lose any leads or send campaigns or notifications to clients remembering the dates of events.
  • We will have a simplified management of our center due to the ease of data control with Zoho CRM.
  • We will help our sales team to close them with a higher percentage of satisfaction.

With the help of a sports club management software You will be able to know extremely important data in each area of ​​the sector. Previously, we have attached the Portfolio of some companies in the sports sector that have trusted us.



En Millennials Consulting as experts in implementing sports software. That's why we are the best partner by Zoho CRM for this type of sports centers.

When you talk about Open Days, do you know exactly where people come from and who you are talking to? In Millennials Consulting we will get you CRM work for you and not the other way around.

CRM For Gyms, Clubs and Sports Centers

Through the different tools and modules offered by a CRM for the sports sector You will be able to trace your customers: number of subscribers, potential customers, qualified leads or even the source of acquisition, either through a web form or a newsletter campaign. This will allow you to better know, for example, the ideal time to launch a web campaign.

  • Capture more potential customers
  • Maximize the number of registrations
  • Keep the client connected with our institution during the service
  • Improve our communication campaigns

specialized experts

Are you interested in a CRM for your company? We have a specialized expert team that will help you in your projects.

Do you want to attract more customers?

For example, our web forms are not enough to convert into a real lead, one who has not yet contracted anything and shows an interest in something in particular about our services. It is at this point where our CRM It will help us trace the behavior of these users or potential customers and so we can determine which is the best way to work the conversion to customer. We will be able to find out the input source of the lead as well as the reason of interest. We may store your contact information to assign it to a commercial and have it follow up. In this way we will not lose conversion opportunities.


Zine Hospitality
Zine Hospitality
22. March, 2024.
José showed a deep knowledge of the CRM and a great ability to adapt it to our specific needs. He effectively guided us through the implementation of bluePrints, workflows and fields in different modules, providing us with useful solutions and advice for our business. Thank you for your patience and dedication!
Carla Inagaki
Carla Inagaki
15. March, 2024.
We have started the consulting and process reengineering phase and we are delighted with the team, especially Sheila and Fernanda. Very cracks, very executive, very proactive and agile. Now we hope that the implementation is as "smoothy" and effective as the first phase... and that this beginning of the relationship is that of a beautiful story of partnership!!!
Ashleigh Zelaya
Ashleigh Zelaya
11. March, 2024.
Eliana Pérez has done very well in her explanation of Zoho Social, answering all the doubts in a gentle and on-topic manner.
Angel Rabadan
Angel Rabadan
8. March, 2024.
It is an effective and decisive team. We were limited with the digital kit but they have been able to make the most of it. We are still in contact because we will continue working together. I especially want to thank Gonzalo, Julián and Jesús. They are the people with whom I have had the most moments of development in the project and they have always lived up to expectations.
Leandro Stward Rondón Herrera
Leandro Stward Rondón Herrera
7. March, 2024.
Eliana Pérez has been an innate professional for the process of optimizing our digital ecosystem and Zoho Social, at Carbray International we are very grateful for her empathy and assertive communication, they made us feel confident throughout the process and we took away great learnings for the evolution of our processes in social networks. 🦾 #CrackEliana #LaArepaEsColombiana #MillennialstheBest
1. March, 2024.
It has undoubtedly been a success to hire the services of Zoho. They are a team of professionals with whom it has been a pleasure to work. Now our life as a company becomes easier thanks to Zoho software.
Pablo Camarena
Pablo Camarena
28. February, 2024.
Excellent service from the team, spending additional time on improvements to our implementation.
Victor Vazquez
Victor Vazquez
26. February, 2024.
Excellent team and treatment, very professional and serious. We will meet again in the future without a doubt.


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