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CRM for services, are the initials for Consumer Relationship Management. The purpose of this type of management tools and software is to obtain a better relationship with users and clients who have contracted, or have the potential to contract our services, it will also help us to manage, retain, obtain and recover customers.

This system is used under an application software, this software is the one in charge of organizing, collecting and also managing all the information that belongs to the customer. However, it is also in charge of having everything related to the online forms and the surveys carried out by each of the clients via the web. We will also have the opportunity to manage and maintain direct contact with our clients and potential clients.

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This business management software is specially adapted to SME needs, simplifying complex tasks and helping you focus on what really matters: your clients.

With CRM software, you will be able to manage, control and optimize every aspect of Your business, taking efficiency to a new level.

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The main objective is improve the quality of your service with a CRM, saving the client time in all the doubts that may arise. with software CRM The client will have all the information available thanks to an email that is sent from the company where, automatically, they have the information they want.

  • We will be able to offer quality services consistently
  • Optimize company management processes
  • Attract the most potential customers
  • Generate correct advice, assistance and an improvement in our after-sales service.
  • Faster reaction to changes and unforeseen events
  • Effectively control billing, costs, resources and communication with the client

Management and customer service

Customer service is much more effective with software CRM. Thanks to this software, the client will be able to have emails where they communicate with the company in a useful and fast. Furthermore, this tool provides users with an excellent experience. Satisfying the needs you have at the moment.

Sales management

It is essential to have the software CRM in services so that sales management is much faster and more efficient. This tool performs the simplest tasks automatically, with the aim that the stages that correspond to the client are carried out in the shortest time possible and finalize the sale that is made.

Increase your sales with ZOHO CRM.

ZOHO is known as an office window, that is, another module of the CRM. In it, they focus more than anything on applications such as text editors, spreadsheets and even the presentation editor and even databases. This module allows each of the clients packages with different options for manage the company effectively.

Do you want to sell more?

Thanks to the application software of CRM in Services the company may have all customer information both SMEs and potentials. Through this platform, they obtain contact information, purchase history and also the interaction they may have previously had with those they represent said clients. Specifically based on the service sector, companies have a very clear and precise objective. This objective is to offer, in the best way, both activities and advice with each of its clients. The idea is that improve the quality of your service with a CRM by providing facilities to your company.

specialized experts

Are you interested in a CRM for your company? We have a specialized expert team that will help you in your projects.

We are specialized in all kinds of services

Whether you are a company SAS (Software As Service), Social Services, Domestic Services, or any other type of services, we know your needs CRM and we can help you implement them and grow as a business. Don't wait any longer and take the leap towards better customer management!


Beatriz Saavedra Santos
Beatriz Saavedra Santos
23. May, 2024.
Unbeatable team, absolute availability, service of 10. They have done the impossible in record time. Thanks for everything.
Walter Bulnes
Walter Bulnes
8. May, 2024.
It is a pleasure to greet you, we are a Chuck E. Cheese franchisee for Honduras, we had the opportunity to develop the Plan SEO with Millennials which has been very favorable, on our part we are very grateful and satisfied with the work done by the consultants who provided us with support (Álvaro Poveda/Enrique Monzó), very professional, very assertive, I can recommend them to potential clients who want this support.
Daniel Suarez
Daniel Suarez
17. April, 2024.
We have collaborated with Millennials Consulting for the implementation of CRM and other Zoho modules. The experience has been very positive, highlighting his professionalism and knowledge. The team of Millennials was well suited to our needs, ensuring a smooth and efficient integration. Additionally, they assisted us with the process to obtain grants from the Kit Digital, which we greatly appreciate. I recommend to Millennials Consulting to those who need to implement Zoho solutions effectively.
Retirement Group
Retirement Group
17. April, 2024.
We have worked very well with them. Very good project organization and availability. Our consultant CRM José Iñesta has always guided and advised us very accurately. Totally recommended
Zine Hospitality
Zine Hospitality
22. March, 2024.
José showed a deep knowledge of the CRM and a great ability to adapt it to our specific needs. He effectively guided us through the implementation of bluePrints, workflows and fields in different modules, providing us with useful solutions and advice for our business. Thank you for your patience and dedication!