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Plug Kit Digital – Safe Workplace

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Kit Digital Secure Work Position for the acquisition of computer equipment with cybersecurity at no cost.
kit digital buy computers secure workplace spain

This is one of the aid that is part of the subsidy Kit Digital promoted by Acelera Pyme. You can find more information about this by clicking on this link.

Digitizing Solution Category: Safe workplace.

Objective: If you have a microbusiness belonging to segment III, the main objective of this category is to provide you with a secure job in order to enhance or improve your productivity.

Aid amount:

  • 0 < 3 employees: €1.000 (includes 1 device)

Execution Percentage

  • First: 80%

  • Second: 20%


The maximum financial amount of aid will be €1.000.

Value of the equipment up to 15% higher than the eligible amount.

Do we prepare your kit digital?

kit digital buy computers secure workplace spain

Minimum functionalities and services

How does help work? Kit Digital for the purchase of computers? You will receive a hardware device that must include the product, a license, and encryption/encryption at rest that ensures the privacy of the data and documents stored on the device.

This device may be a new laptop or desktop computer. In addition, it must have at least the following hardware characteristics:

Minimum hardware device requirements

  • A processor with a minimum of 4 physical cores and a maximum CPU clock speed of at least 2.9 GHz and have obtained a minimum score of 15.000 in PassMark Software, dated May 13, 2024.
  • A minimum RAM memory of 16GB DDR4.
  • A minimum SSD storage of 512 GB. Additionally, your data will be protected with encryption, the password will be provided by the Digitizing Agent.
  • A factory pre-installed and licensed operating system.
  • Integrated graphics, network and sound cards.
  • Input/output interfaces, such as USB or microphone input ports, which may be integrated into the device or through a port replicator.
  • A screen, if it is a laptop, will be at least 13 inches; optical mouse, in the case of laptops, the integrated mouse or touchpad will be accepted; webcam with minimum HD resolution and a smartcard reader (DNI-e) with USB interface.
  • In the particular case of desktop computers, you will have a minimum 23-inch monitor, minimum Full HD resolution and LCD, LED or equivalent display technology, at least one HDMI and European Union energy label; a keyboard and wiring for both device power and HDMI.
  • In the case of desktop and laptop computers, they must have at least one of the following types (or similar) certification: ENERGY STAR® / EPEAT™ Silver Registered or TCO.
  • MIL STD 810H certification or equivalent. They must comply with a minimum of 5 methods, including: high temperature, low temperature and humidity.

Specific Advertising Requirements

  • The device must have a silkscreen or label attached only to the laptop, computer or monitor.
  • The logos that must contain both options will be the following:
  • The emblem of the European Union (available at the link, indicating "Financed by the European Union-Next Generation EU".
  • The logo of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.
  • The logo of the Ministry for Digital Transformation and Public Service.
  • The logo of the Public Business Entity (It must appear as "").

Minimum requirements for the support and attention service

  • The Digitizing Agent will provide a Support and Attention service with the following guarantees from the delivery of the devices until the completion of phase 2 execution:
  • The device will be delivered within Spain after its correct operation has been verified.
  • As a beneficiary, you can be assisted by the support service within 5 working days. You must have an email to receive notifications of breakdowns or incidents, with a minimum service hours for these communications from 09:00 a.m. to 17:00 p.m., Monday to Friday.
  • Repairs will be made through remote support or on-site at the location where delivery was made. The resulting costs will be the responsibility of the digitizer. Repairs due to breakage or damage and configuration problems are included, as long as they are based on correct use of the device.
  • The maximum time for repairing the fault, between the communication of the incident and until its resolution, will be 5 working days. If this deadline is not met, you will be given similar replacement equipment.

Cybersecurity requirements for the Secure Workplace:

  • The Secure Workplace solution will meet the following minimum requirements associated with the Cybersecurity solution category:
  • Antimalware: you will have access to a tool that analyzes your device, its internal memory and external storage devices.
  • Antispyware: A tool that detects and prevents spy malware will be provided.
  • Secure email: you will have email analysis tools with the following characteristics:
  • Antispam, with spam detection and filter.
  • Antiphishing, with detection of emails with links or malware that are suspected of being used to steal credentials.
  • Safe browsing: you will have content control and anti-adware to avoid malicious ads.
  • Analysis and detection of threats: the solution will allow you to know the behavior of existing and new threats.
  • Network monitoring: you will have tools that analyze network traffic and warn of threats.
  • Initial configuration and security updates: an initial configuration must be performed for correct use, with the respective updates of malware signatures and other data for threat detection in addition to the required periodic security software updates.
  • Special training requirements: In addition to the common training requirements, the training you will receive will include a tutorial for the configuration of the security software, as well as a cybersecurity awareness kit to complement the solution with human firewall skills.

Possibility of acquiring associated hardware

  • Once phase II is completed, you will be able to acquire ownership of the hardware, upon payment to the Adhered Digitizing Agent of the residual value of the equipment.
  • This will be an optional decision for you, but mandatory for the Adhering Digitizing Agent.
  • In the event that you do not pay the agreed purchase amount, the Affiliated Digitizing Agent may recover the equipment.
  • The Adhered Digitizing Agent, at the end of the 12 months of providing the service corresponding to phase II, must inform, in its offer of the Acelera Pyme Digitalization Solutions Catalog, what the purchase value of the equipment is. This amount must be reflected in the Digitalization Solutions Provision Agreement.
  • At most, the amount of the purchase value will be 15% of the amount of the signed agreement (solution amount).

Those beneficiaries who choose to formalize Agreements in the "Secure Workplace" Category must have one or more Agreements for the Provision of Digitalization Solutions validated by any other Category of Digitalization Solution among those provided for in article 18.2 of the Regulatory Bases.

Table of amounts by category of Digitization Solutions

Maximum ranges per segment Kit Digital

Segment I. Small businesses with between 10 and less than 50 employees Segment II. Small businesses or Micro-businesses with between 3 and less than 10 employees Segment III. Small companies or Micro-companies with between 0 and less than 3 employees and people in a situation of self-employment Segment IV. Medium-sized companies with between 50 and less than 100 employees Segment V. Medium companies with between 100 and less than 250 employees
12.000 €
6.000 €
3.000 €
25.000 €
29.000 €

Aid segments Kit Digital

Digitization Solutions Categories Months of service provision Aid by segment for the categories of Digitalization solutions Aid by segment for the categories of Digitalization solutions Aid by segment for the categories of Digitalization solutions Aid by segment for the categories of Digitalization solutions Aid by segment for the categories of Digitalization solutions
Segment V 100 ≤ 250 employees
Segment IV 50 ≤ 100 employees
Segment III 0 < 3 employees
Segment II 3 < 10 employees
Segment I 10 < 50 employees
Website and basic presence on the internet (Exclusive for segments I, II and III)
2.000 €
2.000 €
2.000 €
5.000 €
5.000 €
2.000 €
2.000 €
2.000 €
Management of social networks
5.000 €
5.000 €
2.000 €
2.500 €
2.500 €
Customer Management
14.000 €
10.000 €
2.000 €
2.000 €
4.000 €
Business Intelligence and Analytics
8.000 €
7.000 €
1.500 €
2.000 €
4.000 €
Virtual office tools and services
€250/user (up to 116 users)
€250/user (up to 99 users)
€250/user (up to 2 users)
€250/user (up to 9 users)
€250/user (up to 48 users)
Process management
€18.000 (includes 25 users)
€15.000 (includes 20 users)
€2.000 (includes 1 user)
€3.000 (includes 3 users)
€6.000 (includes 10 users)
Billing management and electronic invoice
€3.000 (includes 6 users)
€3.000 (includes 6 users)
€1.000 (includes 1 user)
€2.000 (includes 3 users)
€2.000 (includes 3 users)
secure communications
€125/user (up to 232 users)
€125/user (up to 99 users)
€125/user (up to 2 users)
€125/user (up to 9 users)
€125/user (up to 48 users)
€125/user (up to 232 devices)
€125/user (up to 99 devices)
€125/user (up to 2 devices)
€125/user (up to 9 devices)
€125/user (up to 48 devices)
Advanced presence on the internet (Excluded from the first call)
Marketplace (Excluded from the first call. Exclusive for segments I, II and III)
2.000 €
2.000 €
2.000 €
Managed Cybersecurity Service (Exclusive for segments IV and V)
€200/device (up to 145 devices)
€200/device (up to 99 devices)
Customer management with associated AI (Exclusive for segments IV and V)
€24.000 (includes 15 users and a minimum of training 5 of them in associated AI)
€18.000 (includes 10 users and a minimum of training 3 of them in associated AI)
Business Intelligence and Analytics and associated AI (Exclusive for segments IV and V)
€9.000 (includes 15 users and a minimum of training 5 of them in associated AI)
€8.000 (includes 10 users and a minimum of training 3 of them in associated AI)
Process management with associated AI (Exclusive for segments IV and V)
€19.000 (includes 25 users and a minimum of training 5 of them in associated AI)
€16.000 (includes 20 users and a minimum of training 3 of them in associated AI)
Safe workplace (Exclusive for segment III)
€1.000 (includes 1 device)
More options to invest Kit Digital
Customer Management, CRM
Internet presence
Social Networks Management

Can I buy a computer with Kit Digital?

If possible buy a computer with Kit Digital, as long as the computer is aligned with the objectives of the program and is part of a digital solution aimed at improving the competitiveness and productivity of your business. He Kit Digital is an initiative of the Government of Spain aimed at small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) and the self-employed, with the aim of promote the adoption of digital technology.

Conditions for using the Kit Digital to buy a computer

1. Accepted Digital Solution: You can buy a computer with Kit Digital if it is part of an approved digital solution in the program's solutions catalog. This includes tools such as management software, applications for process automation, cybersecurity systems, among others. If you ask yourself «can I buy a computer with it Kit Digital«, the answer is yes, as long as you meet these conditions.

2. Accredited Suppliers: The purchase of the computer must be made through suppliers accredited by the program Kit Digital. These providers are registered and approved by the government to offer the solutions financed with the Kit Digital. This ensures that the process of Kit Digital for purchasing computers is carried out effectively and in accordance with regulations.

3. Comprehensive Projects: In many cases, the purchase of the computer must be part of a larger project that includes the installation, configuration and training necessary for its proper use in the business environment.

Steps to follow to use the Kit Digital when purchasing a computer

1. Registration in the Program: Register on the Acelera Pyme platform and complete the digital diagnostic test available there.

2. Select Solutions and Suppliers: Choose the digital solutions and accredited providers that best suit the needs of your company.

3. Request Help: Submit the request for help through the electronic headquarters, following the established procedures.

4. Implementation of the Solution: Once the aid is approved, Millennials Consulting may proceed with the implementation of the digital solution, which may include the purchase of a computer with Kit Digital if it is within the approved project. This clearly answers the question "can I buy a computer with it Kit Digital«.

5. Justification of Aid: Provide the necessary documentation to justify the use of the aid, demonstrating that the funds were used in accordance with the conditions of the program Kit Digital for purchasing computers.

It is important to verify the specific conditions and accepted solutions on the official website of the Kit Digital. Additionally, check with accredited vendors to ensure your computer purchase meets program requirements Kit Digital for purchasing computers.

Job Title
Plug Kit Digital - Safe workplace
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Plug Kit Digital - Safe workplace
Kit Digital Secure Work Position for the acquisition of computer equipment with cybersecurity at no cost.
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The entire team is very professional. We have done the Kit Digital with them and we are very happy with the service they have given us to boost our business.
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A very professional experience. Álvaro is very attentive and efficient and Xavi, he is really a very good professional; He quickly captures ideas, improves them as he goes, and materializes them into a website that even exceeds expectations.
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It is a pleasure to greet you, we are a Chuck E. Cheese franchisee for Honduras, we had the opportunity to develop the Plan SEO with Millennials which has been very favorable, on our part we are very grateful and satisfied with the work done by the consultants who provided us with support (Álvaro Poveda/Enrique Monzó), very professional, very assertive, I can recommend them to potential clients who want this support.
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We have collaborated with Millennials Consulting for the implementation of CRM and other Zoho modules. The experience has been very positive, highlighting his professionalism and knowledge. The team of Millennials was well suited to our needs, ensuring a smooth and efficient integration. Additionally, they assisted us with the process to obtain grants from the Kit Digital, which we greatly appreciate. I recommend to Millennials Consulting to those who need to implement Zoho solutions effectively.
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Retirement Group
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We have worked very well with them. Very good project organization and availability. Our consultant CRM José Iñesta has always guided and advised us very accurately. Totally recommended


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