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Google, Acer and Zoho event
by Millennials Consulting

Google and Acer event

Why Attend?

Discover the future of business at our exclusive event! Join to Millennials Consulting on an exciting day in collaboration with technology giants: Zoho, Google and Acer. You will immerse yourself in an innovative experience where you will discover the formula for business success: innovation, safety and sustainability.

What makes this business future possible? 

The ChromeOS operating system that works 100% in the cloud! At the event, we will guide you on an exciting journey from using an Acer Chromebook to using the most competitive suite on the market, Zoho One, to enhance your company.

Imagine having instant access to your files and work tools from anywhere, at any time. With Google's operating system, this vision becomes a tangible reality for your business. Additionally, together with Zoho and Acer, we will explore how these Revolutionary technologies can improve efficiency, collaboration and security in your company.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to be at the forefront of business digital transformation! Join us and Be part of the conversation about the future of technology in the business world. 

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