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CRM for Education

En millennials consulting We have been working with universities, colleges, institutes and educational centers of all kinds for several years. So we have a highly specialized team in the sector.

We know the needs that the center requires in order to generate more students. That is why our specialists implant a CRM for education at each center based on your needs. East CRM allows the management of academies with software that allows to collect and manage all the information of all kinds of schools.

What is the CRM in an educational center?

  • El CRM collect the data of the workers, of the students, set objectives, find out which dates are the most likely to carry out advertising campaigns. Study the success and failure of each strategy used to capture leads.
  • You will never lose a lead or forget to remind a student to enter your school.
  • With the same human team, helped by the latest technology, you will be able to reach more students and therefore generate more sales.

With the help of an academy management software you will be able to know extremely important data in each area of ​​the sector. Below we enclose the Portfolio of some companies in the Education sector that have trusted us.

Our specialty CRM for Universities

En Millennials Consulting we are experts in implanting CRM for universities. That is why we are the best partner of Zoho CRM for this type of study center. You just have to see our portfolio to check the extensive experience we have in this sector. Our professionals will give you all the formed at CRM to be able to work with confidence.

When talking about JPA, landing pages, do you know where they come from specifically and who are you talking to? In Millennials Consulting we will get you CRM work for you and not the other way around. 

Academies and Educational Centers Management Program

Through the different tools and modules offered by a CRM for education You will be able to trace your students: number of students enrolled, by degrees, potential clients, qualified leads or even the source of recruitment, either by web form or a newsletter campaign. This will allow you to better understand, for example, the ideal time to launch a web campaign.


Zoho CRM will increase your number of students with little effort


Contact us to talk about your business. Our technicians and professionals will teach you how to improve your educational center.

How to generate LEADS for educational centers?

With the capture of potential clients from, for example, our web forms, it is not enough to convert into a real lead, one who has not yet contracted anything shows an interest in something in particular of our services. It is at this point where our CRM It will help us trace the behavior of these users and determine which is the best way to work the conversion to student. We will be able to find out the source of entry of the lead as well as the reason for interest. We may store your contact details to assign them to a salesperson for follow-up. In this way we will not lose conversion opportunities.



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