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zoho: the CRM perfect for your agency SEO

En Millennials Consulting, as an expert company in the implementation of CRM and strategies SEO, we have the knowledge and experience necessary for the implementation of a CRM in Agencies SEO

We are aware of all challenges facing agencies SEO internally and externally, and what is the key to overcome each of them. For example, we know that the projects of SEO they have a long duration and that the organization of many of these can become chaotic, that is why it is important to use a CRM optimized for Agencies SEO. Our team of specialists base the implementation of a CRM for SEO on the personalized needs of each agency in order to offer you the best solution.

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Do you want more clients?

We are Premium Partner from Zoho, an advanced suite of applications among which stands out Zoho CRM, the tool that we are going to use to take the next step in the digitization of your Agency SEO. Zoho CRM has a advanced customization system and with the possibility of integrating third-party applications to create the most powerful of CRMs.

Some of the advantages that Zoho offers us CRM
  • Project following: You can improve the organization and efficiency of your projects SEO.
  • Goal setting: It will allow you to set short, medium or long-term objectives for your agency.
  • Optimization of Communication Campaigns: You will find out the dates on which your campaigns will be most effective in attracting and retaining customers.
  • Strategy Analysis: You will be able to study the success and failure of each strategy used to capture leads.
  • Notifications: You will receive alerts so you don't lose any leads or send reminders to customers about promotion dates.

And these are just some of the advantages, if you want to know everything we can offer you when implementing your CRM for SEO, Get in contact with us.

specialized experts

Are you interested in a CRM for Agency SEO? We have a specialized expert team that will help you in your projects.

improvements for you CRM de SEO

Do you already have your Zoho CRM for SEO but it does not meet your expectations? No problem, we are here to assist you! we will examine your CRM to identify problem areas and we will dedicate ourselves to finding the optimal solution. Our goal is to help your agency achieve its goals.

The successful implementation of system improvements CRM under our guidance has revolutionized the way the Agencies of SEO organize their processes and relate to customers. Our consultative methodology allows us to understand your business thoroughly, so that we can provide you with solutions completely tailored to your needs.

Tools for Agencies SEO

We not only offer you the best solution for CRM, but we will also advise you What tools to use for all kinds of management related to your activity, be it finance, voIP or lead analysis among many others. These tools are integrated into your CRM and allow you to centralize all marketing efforts on a single platform, ultimately improving the efficiency of your team.


For all this, we have established ourselves as a trusted consulting firm for companies in SEO looking to implement or improve their systems CRM. We remain committed to continuous innovation and strategic support to our clients, always guaranteeing the best solutions to face market challenges.

SEO + CRM Why are both important?

Technology advances at disproportionate steps and companies must adapt to it. One of the most profitable tools in recent years is combine SEO y CRM as a system of sales, productivity and success. That is why today we will offer important information about the SEO y CRM and what you can achieve at the business level.

CRM improve results SEO

If you have a company or brand in business, you will appreciate the high competition in sales and productivity. Most customers or potential buyers will research your brand online to make sure of their purchase or service acquisition.

Through digital channels, the future buyer can find out if your business or product is profitable or not. The interaction begins with social networks or web platforms, in them the client will have a better point of view and will decide whether to buy or not. Also you can combine SEO y CRM to have more smart tools to add to your business.

Taking this into account, it is recommended that your business or brand be online, that is, on digital platforms. This world has an 80% chance of online sales, and hence the importance of SEO y CRM as They are tools that improve the digital market. That is why the most suitable means to digitally enter commerce and advertising are: E-mail, E-commerce, Web and Social Networks, each of which has aspects of great importance to publicize your brand and attract potential customers. .

Is it important to combine SEO and CRM in a company?

If you are still not convinced of the combination of SEO with the CRM that best suits your company, it is because you have not analyzed more in depth on the subject. What was mentioned above is an evident reality, the digital medium for companies and products is more important today than ever. However, there are certain positive points where the CRM can play a key role for the results SEO expected.

First, we explain that customer relationship management or CRM It is the process of greatest development in any company. As Has the ability to analyze customer needs to find just what they need. In this way, the client will be able to interact more closely with your brand, becoming a good buyer.

In the CRM We can find aspects such as: the identification of potential clients and prospects, building and establishing relationships and also tracking important data for sales. Each of these aspects can facilitate the search for clients by attracting them to you easily and quickly.

How can he CRM improve my SEO?

 It's a pretty simple question. The tool can aggregate all your brand data about meetings, phone calls, emails and chat; in addition to private exchange media such as social networks or the website, where customers show you with greater frequency and interest in your brand.

With these data already collected, through combine SEO y CRM you will start interacting with the client what you crave so much Without a doubt, it is a very effective marketing strategy to get the most out of the digital positioning of your business.

CRM The best ally for SEO!

Thanks to CRM your business will increase sales retaining those customers or buyers who are looking for good opportunities. Correctly applying digital tools will improve your SEO soon. So he knows at least 6 possible advantages of combining SEO y CRM as a business strategy.

SEO + CRM Why both are important

Engaging and featured content

  • Everything that appears on your website about your company, business or brand is important for many reasons. One of the most important is that everything a customer sees on your website is what will lead them to hire or buy from you.
  • Users are interested in simple but interesting content. Do not forget the positioning where you will add topics of greater interest to different types of people. When using CRM You will identify the essential content related to your business, making your website very attractive and with valuable content.
  • Take into account the questions that customers ask in person, by email, social networks, chat and messages. Answers can be located within the main content of the page, so analyze the details about conversations as well and put them on the web.


The best use of a software CRM es be able to build and manage customer relationships. Through the databases you will be able to create conversations and know the concerns of each of the clients.

But the most important thing is the online reviews, which are those reviews from your customers that generate the most confidence. For him SEO Effective identification of your website is essential, so add positive comments from your customers to your page as other users will read it and also improve your brand image.

Comfortable experience for users

When we rank a web page, we expect Google to use its algorithm to rate it above others. But this happens if the website has good content and is easy to use. One of the good strategies is to adapt it to the mobile version. Most users buy or discover new businesses using their smartphone. Therefore, if your website is available in a mobile version, it is a point in favor of the user experience.

For greater effectiveness of the combination SEO y CRM On web pages with a mobile version, the software must allow the tracking of clients by their use or time of visits. This way you will know the different tastes and purchases of a client, combining it with the best experience and possibility of potential purchase in the future.

In this way, we want you to know a fundamental detail that can affect your positioning SEO in the web. It is the non-agreement in the purchase or the low number of purchases by many customers, the deficiency can be related to factors such as:

  • Web without mobile design available.
  • The website does not generate trust due to transaction difficulties.
  • Many previous steps before making a purchase.

If you have determined that these are the factors influencing your customer deficit, then get to work on it and change what is holding you back. strive to preserve a good web appearance that generates confidence and ease from the first purchase.

Keyword Implementation

Un SEO without keywords it does not exist. The most important in a good search are the keywords, since they are responsible for guiding buyers to your website. When an entrepreneur wants to take his business to the digital world, one of the first things he should think about is the use of keywords.

Finding what the search keywords are has to do with customer needs, research, and search habits. A good CRM will help determine the trend of the keywords, offering you the best ways to search through tools to combine seo y crm on your website.

Extend the audience

Other important advantage of combining SEO y CRM is to extend the audience. By analyzing system data CRM more businesses and individual contacts can be found collaborating on your website, creating more viewers and potential customers.

To do this, locate that style of audience that you want to attract and that is larger than yours, now look for how to attract them through contacts or interesting events. Although it is also profitable to relate your brand or business with a particular company and make yourself known by them in other scenarios.

Social networks

As we have already commented, Social networks are the most frequent channels to make themselves known. In addition, you have to implement the network marketing system and build a good audience base so that they can buy your products.

Your brand or business must be active in social networks, interacting and presenting new things from time to time. Let your imagination fly and use the biggest trend to make yourself known.

The system CRM It can be effective since it will help you to have a specific vision about the contacts of your social networks, so you will know what they are looking for and you will adapt to it. In addition, identify the most effective social networks for your brand and carry out the strategy.

SEO + CRM as a business trend

In conclusion, we have highlighted the importance of combining SEO y CRM in any business. First, it offers us the possibility to improve sales by attracting more customers and second, you can expand your circle of users using social networks and web knowledge to give your customers what they need.

The most important of the system CRM combined with the SEO is that they can be used without inequalities between them. They combine one with the other and grow together, in a short time you will have the expected results by attracting more customers and giving a greater boost to your business.

Finally, do not hesitate to take full advantage of both tools, they will give you positive results and you will be able to see them in less than you think. Actually, all the advantages mentioned above are just the beginning of the many opportunities and benefits you will get by combining SEO y CRM.


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9. October, 2023.
Julián has given us great help to understand the positioning SEO that we have to work through the digital Kit, the entire team is serious and responsible, highly recommended.
Sebas Baldo
Sebas Baldo
1. October, 2023.
A pleasure to work with Irene on the books project with the collaboration of Javi in ​​IT and Alejandro for publishing the website with our server. We will continue working with them from Alicante,,🥰🥰
ASIMA Association of Industrialists of Mallorca
ASIMA Association of Industrialists of Mallorca
25. September, 2023.
After obtaining the digital kit, we did not hesitate to work with this company with which we have been working for years. Specifically, we have been very happy and congratulations for the work done by Eliana Pérez in the Zoho Social part. Thank you.
CRT Architecture
CRT Architecture
19. September, 2023.
They recommended this company to me, when I got the digital kit. The service has been fast, simple and very effective. Eliana analyzed my type of company and the values ​​of my architecture studio, to show it in the best way in social networks and advertising. A great job.
Javier Panizo
Javier Panizo
7. July, 2023.
Professionals, those who give you confidence when they speak because you can tell they know what they are talking about. And on top of that, facilitating at all times the development of the project in terms of logistics (schedules and days of meetings, etc...) The icing on the cake: on top of that, they do it with a smile. Thanks for everything!
Oscar Rojas
Oscar Rojas
5. July, 2023.
A good Partner Millennials and in the face of difficulties they have provided an agile and effective solution, specifically with Natalia she has been an excellent support and with an efficient vision of the project.
English Today SL
English Today SL
3. July, 2023.
We are very happy with the result. It is true that since we made the agreement and signed, a few months of waiting have passed, but once the project started it has been very fast. It took a bit to focus on what was a priority for us, but after a few meetings everything went well. Good experience and we will continue working with them.
Sergio Jimenez Rodriguez
Sergio Jimenez Rodriguez
22. June, 2023.
Totally recommended

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We manage your business processes through software Zoho CRM for Business, which has an "all in 1" suite to manage your entire company, more than 40 tools interconnected with each other to better reach your business strategy.


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