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Analyze the “Buyer persona” customers of a company, their purchases, repetitions and how to reach them.

It is very important to know what the type of clients of your business is.



Online customer behavior is a key to success for sales

Analysis SEO of the competition and the market to position yourself in sites that attract traffic and sales to your website.



A commercial strategy is to analyze the main ratios of the company to detect problems.

  • Liquidity ratios
  • solvency ratios
  • Management indices
  • activity indices
attract customers

extract data

Save, store and structure the data collected by the business through invoices, business cards, documents, reception, customers, employees, machinery... etc.



print business intelligence

capture data

We will obtain your company data through sensors and automatic systems. En Millennials Consulting, we analyze what data is interesting for your business and you are not implementing in your strategy. Example "clients birthday". 



We consult financial reports and database purchases. Through this service we offer you market surveys, we analyze all your potential clients and we design a commercial and action plan for attracting your clients.

What is Business Intelligence?

In Spanish means business intelligence and refers to the use of data, tools and methods that we must apply in our company. This will help us to grow and develop well in the business world and also make it easier for us to make a favorable decision. In addition to creating knowledge that allows us to streamline the procedures carried out in our company.

Nowadays, thanks to technology, new concepts for the daily life of a company are emerging little by little. In this case we will explain one of the concepts that is causing the most talk, and that is, what is the Business intelligence?. If you own a company or are interested in doing so, to progress in your business We recommend the use of this concept. 

Many businesses and companies have discovered that applying this method of work can lead to a good process optimization. In addition to making good and bad reports through its own historical data. This article will explain in detail what it is?What is Business Intelligence for?? How to implement it in my company?

With the Business intelligence the company's data is processed by extracting, cleaning and loading it into an empty database, given that we use large amounts of data, tools like Zoho Analytics They can help us with this process. In this database, the different production data are collected in different work areas. By doing this we will have better decision making final and are used to make reports. With these reports we will know the advantages and errors that exist in our company.



The reports or reports help to collect and provide all the information of the production data obtained. By putting this into practice frequently we can observe the increase and decrease of the shares in the company. As well as the production in it. In case these 2 observations are low, applying Business Intelligence we can see specifically what we failed.

What is Business Intelligence for?

Business Intelligence is used for our company to grow effectively and provide an optimal and quality result. this tool strategy is considered one of the best thanks to the large amount of information that is collected from it. Making use of the Business Intelligence strategy, our company will take a leap in quality and will allow us to be more competitive and get ahead of our competition.

Apart from provide knowledge of the current situation of your business, we will also have a future projection facing possible errors and failures that may occur. The plans and financial control will not be a problem with the business intelligence method.

With this great business tool you can observe the following characteristics and advantages:

    • Take the company or business to a good final decision making
    • Create budgets for simpler and more efficient way
    • Guarantee access to information through the data obtained
    • Create a good support when selecting the data we want
    • Obtain independence and knowledge in the users who apply it
    • Facilitates decision making of our business or company
    • Optimize as much as possible all procedures of our company
    • The ability to get to know our company thoroughly to know your imperfections faster.
business intelligence

How to implement this strategy in your company?

The tool we recommend from Millennials Consulting es Zoho ONE, this application will allow you to extract all the data of your company, this application offers you different functionalities that will allow you to obtain all the data of your company, expenses, income, processes, inventory, automations, measurement of the work of the employees, performance, projection of the company, achievement of objectives, deadlines... etc.

Once all the data is collected, we will use a tool called Zoho Analytics, which will allow analyze the behavior of your company detecting its weak points and inefficiencies in order to correct them and be more productive simply and without complications.

Process automation is here to stay. More and more companies realize the potential of tools like Zoho One. The automation of your business and being visible on the internet will help companies to be successful, be more competitive and adapt to new times.


Start optimizing and growing your business today!


English Today SL
English Today SL
3. July, 2023.
We are very happy with the result. It is true that since we made the agreement and signed, a few months of waiting have passed, but once the project started it has been very fast. It took a bit to focus on what was a priority for us, but after a few meetings everything went well. Good experience and we will continue working with them.
Sergio Jimenez Rodriguez
Sergio Jimenez Rodriguez
22. June, 2023.
Totally recommended
Myriam Sanchez
Myriam Sanchez
7. June, 2023.
Thank you very much for all the teaching and patience you had. The learning I had with you these months is incredible. Thank you so much!!!
no more barriers
no more barriers
1. June, 2023.
A very close service that makes them understand better what you want and need for your business. Special thanks to Alejandro Sánchez for the interest shown in the project.
Gonzalo Berrazueta
Gonzalo Berrazueta
1. June, 2023.
Very good service from the whole team. Special mention to José who is a crack.
Sara Monge
Sara Monge
3. May, 2023.
Working with Eliana has been a pleasure. He has been explaining everything to me very well and solving all the doubts about the project to be able to implement it in the company in the best possible way.
24. April, 2023.
As always a pleasure to work with Millennials Consulting, his team is full of professionals who help you at all times. You cannot be in better hands than theirs. I would repeat.
Hague Pilgrimages Travel
Hague Pilgrimages Travel
24. April, 2023.
It has been a pleasure working with them, they have helped us position our website in the top positions of Google and thereby increase our traffic and conversions on the web. We cannot be more delighted. A 10.
Central TCI
Central TCI
10. April, 2023.
Very happy with Diana and all her team

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Why study digital marketing?
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Why study digital marketing?

Have you ever wondered the importance of digital marketing and why study Digital Marketing? Because in this new era...



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We manage your business processes through software Zoho CRM for Business, which has an "all in 1" suite to manage your entire company, more than 40 tools interconnected with each other to better reach your business strategy.


It is not just being on the internet, your customers must find you through search engines. In Millennials Consulting We manage strategies positioning SEO so that your potential customers reach you first before your competition.

The website is the main letter of introduction of your business on the internet. "If you're not on the internet, you don't exist." A web design that communicates and reach your users will make the difference between your users and competitors by increasing your web traffic.

La digital strategies they are growing and we must be on the sidelines of this progress, that is why we connect tools that help to meet objectives.

We apply strategies Business Intelligence analyzing business data. We use the most sophisticated tools in the treatment and analysis of business data.

The connectivity of digital tools is one of our main pieces of digitization, using our alliances with digital partners .


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